C.M. Composite Materials Ltd was founded in 2007 by Mr. Mati Moskovich . Mati is the sole owner of CM and acts as its CTO. 

In 2021 C.M merged with FBM Composite Ltd forming the largest privately owned composite material manufacturer in Israel 

CMFBM provides end-to-end solutions for  fabricating parts and assemblies from composite materials while maintaining strict international quality standards and regulation. 

We manufacture a wide range of UAVs, Drones, Radomes, tooling, and parts for both the civil and defense/security sectors in the aerospace industry as well as other products for the domestic and international markets offering in-house fabrication of manufacturing tools (molds) and fixtures using the latest cutting-edge technologies and materials. 

Our products range from small aircrafts that can be carried in a backpack through medium size drones with the largest UAV having a wingspan of approximately 18 meters, in addition, we manufacture a wide range of parts for the civil aviation (including executive Jets) in-flight and ground products. For example, CMFBM was selected as the sole supplier of the AC passenger door parts for Boeing. 

Our strength

Our staff includes some of the industry’s leading professionals, all highly experienced. 

Performance – our unique knowledge and experience allows a 15-40% product weight reduction while maintaining structural strength, durability and aesthetics. 

Manufacturing according to strict aerospace standard – AS/EN 9100. 

Fast implementation of new technologies enabling cost reduction and shorter time to market. 

Advanced in-house training abilities – proven experience in training and qualifying personnel for the aerospace industry. 

A profound understanding of the aerospace & defense client’s needs be it commercial, functional or regulatory.